Stajano, Garella & Associates Law Firm in Rome and Milan

Stajano, Garella and Associates Law Firm was established in 2017 as a continuation of the Stajano Law Firm (2001), and has a unique characteristic when compared to other Italian law firms that derives primarily from the history of its founder: Ernesto Stajano was, in fact, magistrate, member of the CSM (Superior Council of Judges), member of the Italian Parliament for two Legislatures, President of important companies and is currently an Attorney designated to the higher Jurisdiction and a University Professor at the “Scuola Nazonale di Amministrazione” (National Institute of Administration).

His legal experience is thus not only multidisciplinary, but embraces and integrates the phenomenon of law within a particularly wide vision of the political and economic phenomena. Over the years other professionals have joined him sharing first of all the need to provide customers with dynamic, modern and efficient judicial and extrajudicial advice and support, directed mainly to commercial companies and aimed at giving legal soundness and unassailability to corporate strategic choices not only before the Courts.
Also thanks to the experience of members of the Firm, particular attention is paid to the relationship between the business reality and the world of the central public administration, local authorities and the Authorities, evaluating all legal choices that a company is faced with, also in light of the possible evolution of the regulatory framework.

 In this context the option of resorting to civil or administrative jurisdiction is not necessarily always the preferred option, even though the firm has obtained and obtains countless successes in litigation arising from delicate disputes of considerable economic importance.
The firm is dedicated to advising companies on the most appropriate, effective, rapid and less costly legal choices to achieve the economic goals that entrepreneurs necessarily deal with.

The law firm is an advisor committed to providing advice and defense with an expert insider mentality of the corporate point of view. Energy, transport and infrastructure are among the privileged subjects of the firm which boasts great expertise and experience uncommon in these areas.

It provides a wide range of services in corporate strategic planning, relations with the public administration and civil and administrative litigation.Having established solid relations with prestigious professional firms both in Europe and in the United States, the Law Firm offers its clients global advice on International operations supplying legal assistance in different languages and namely Italian, English and French.