Administrative Law

The Law Firm, thanks to the expertise of its Lawyers, is able to advise its clients on any matter of administrative law, and, in particular, in relation to public procurement contracts, management and construction concessions in connection to Project Financing, zoning and environmental law, arts and culture property law, energy, transportation and telecommunications laws, privatizations, public procurement and public services contracts as well as commercial licenses and administrative authorizations.

More specifically, in relation to public procurement, the Firm advises clients who wish to participate to tenders for the awarding of public works and concessions, public services and supply contracts, also offering its assistance in the phases following the stipulation of the relative contracts.  In relation to the Commissioning Bodies, the law Firm assists its clients on matters concerning tender procedures (with particular reference to the laws governing competition and tender procedures), as well as in the preparation of the tender documents. In relation to public contracts the Firm offers assistance from the initial phase involving the stipulation of new contracts, assistance with the filing of documents and in the client’s defense in case of litigation that may arise during the execution of the contract. The Firm is highly specialized in assisting its clients in the settlement of disputes, mostly with arbitrations, and advises its clients on the application of EU laws to public works and public supply contracts.

One of the law Firm’s key success factors in this area is the great expertise and solid relations it entertains with the construction industry due to, amongst other factors, its involvement in numerous domestic and international disputes as well as the nomination of its partners as arbitrators in domestic and international arbitrations. The impact of EU law on procedures for the award of contracts or service subcontracts has led the law Firm to provide advice to the main Italian contractors.  

The Firm also has extensive experience in the field of environmental law, including those aspects related to commercial transactions. In particular, the Firm provides advice with regard to issues related to environmental assessment procedures as well as the procedure for issuing permits for the installation of networks and services for electronic communications, also in light of the important new legislation introduced by Legislative Decree  n. 259 of October 4th 2003 (so-called Electronic Communications Code).

The Firm also has solid experience in activities related to financial transactions with public entities as well as a consolidated experience in project financing with particular regard to transport, health and integrated water services.
The Firm provides advisory services to companies operating in the communications sector, also with regards to their relations with the Public Administration. Currently, the advisory activity is focused, among other things, on the important legislative changes that will be introduced in the area of consumer protection and the so-called collective action (Class Action).

The Firm also has relevant experience in the field of energy and transport, having advised, over the years, leading companies in the sector.
In the abovementioned areas, the Law Firm also offers assistance in all phases of administrative litigation before the Administrative Court, the Council of State, in arbitration and before the other judicial and administrative authorities .